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At Yatice, we are here to bring your ideas to award-winning brand. The process we take depends on your idea. The team first priority is your satisfaction, our team goes first with outlining the purposes of your idea, talking about the challanges that can be faced and how they can be tackled or how the idea can be refined. Yatice - the way to the future.

Idea Refining

We believe in your idea; especially when it's tech, however, we together look at the idea from the technical point of view and of-course the marketing and growth.

Project Strategy

After joint-idea refinement, the financial and project schedules are listed and prepared by yatice, before the team moves on to project architecture

Project Architecture

At this stage, the project is designed, methodology presented and technical items listed. Moreso, how the technical items interact is put forward for constructive analysis before project development

User Interface

We believe that, users interact more with the interface, so we spend much time designing how the software will interact with the users. At this stage, you can have prototype of the project.

Project Development

Full intergated project develpoment is taken up where challenges are faced and tackled, Working innovate the project to be best of all other competitors.

User testing

Before full project deployment, we put the project to full user-testing; adequately tested on how users will interact with it.

Support & Maintenance

Support is given to the organization on how to manage the software afterwards, Full maintenance is also provided.


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